Story and goal

Hello, dear volunteers!

The foundation of this platform is a non-profit initiative. It is intended to be open to all and is by no means profit-oriented. It was created with the aim of helping the various people who are most affected by COVID-19 and its consequences, and to do so as simply as possible. Given the many groups and sites that flourish in the social networks, a central point for such services makes sense. This way information can be spread more effectively and communication between individuals can be ensured more easily.

The operating costs of the platform are currently covered by me, depending on the scope of the project. In the future, however, support would be most welcome.

If you want to participate in the project, you can contact me directly via the contact form. No matter if you want to share your opinion or suggest time for the development of the platform (translation, improvement, design, moderation etc.). Any feedback is welcome.

I hope that this platform can help in these difficult times.


Credits and thanks

For their good advice, their help, their availability, a big thank you!
Nelly B., Clélia P., Jérôme d.M., Gilles B., Philippe P., Michael M., Joëlle S., Beate B. and Adrienne B.


The future of the application is currently open and could possibly lead to the creation of a virtual association or consortium to reuse it free of charge and freely for other emergencies.

Data protection stores only the minimal data necessary for the proper functioning of the application, namely

  • The data provided by the user (name, e-mail, city, telephone number, availability, encrypted password)
  • The language used
  • Cookies to keep the user's session open once the user has logged in
  • Cookies in connection with the use of Google Maps

No other information is kept by and none of the data provided by users is disclosed to third parties. This data will be used exclusively for the operation of the application and will not be used in any way for purposes other than the original purpose.